A Family for God

Yesterday was Family Sunday at our Church. It was the final celebration for th Family Month. During the appeal, our pastor called for us to seat beside our family members and altogether sing the song “We Will Serve the Lord”.

I don’t realize this often but I was really touched to see that every member of my family was there.My Mom, Ate Grace (our eldest), Jayson (my younger brother) and Ariane (the youngest), including me. We are all there. My Mom started crying and then my Ate. Am so thankful to God that I belong to a family who’s members are His loyal servants. Seeing us go to Church all together is something… I couldn’t ask for more.

One thought on “A Family for God

  1. kakaiyak naman to.. kanina pa ko nagbabasa ng writings mo. naiiyak din ako.. pra kong nandon?? 😀

    haay kiks, that’s really SOMETHING. just wish i have one like that.. 🙂

    – ne–>

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