Blogs ang blogs

Just a few minutes… Just to get away from my programming where I don’t seem to be moving from the design phase…eeps!

I’ve had this blog for sometime now…yun nga lang…sa hinaba-haba ng panahon..ala pa rin akong naisulat..Haha! I don’t know, but it seems so hard for me to post… Minsan iniisip ko na baka di lang ako articulate..hehe..

But when you come to think of it, everytime I try to create one, I find it so hard to think of something to write. ‘Di ko alam kung talagang wala lang nangyari sa araw ko o talagang di lang ako makapag-isip ng sasabihin. Minsan iniisip ko rin na baka sobrang insecurities, kesyo baka maligra (maligrammar, as how my high school teacher would put it), o baka may masabi akong nakakaoffend sa ibang tao…hehe

I admire those people who have a lot to say on their blogs…Good ones. Like Kuya Ganns’ (go for gold on the Best Pinoy Blogs!)… Minsan mas gusto kong magbasa na lang nung blog nya kesa magsulat..Nyahaha! Isa pa, mas nagagamit nya ng mabuti yung blog nya by telling everyone of God’s love and His goodness to him and to his family (hi Ate Caths)… Panalo!

Anyway, these are just some thoughts…I will try harder to post more often. I’ll just enjoy this as much as I could…malay nyo…*grins* wala lang..

3 thoughts on “Blogs ang blogs

  1. five years na ang blog mo kiko ^_^ congratulations! 🙂 hope hindi mo ito igive up ever. there’s a lot of people who appreciates this.. that includes me. i’ll always be a fan of your writing so don’t u ever run out of inspiration huh! 😉

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