Pictures – Dogs

Ok… I have no updates for now but I just thought why not post some pictures of me and my family. For now, I will show you our loved pets (yes, they are counted as members of our family..:D). Here are some pictures that I got of them. Forgive me if the pictures are not that clear. I took them using the cam on my phone. Anyway, just enjoy..hehe…


For Starters…

Here is me..the young drunkard..LOL

Here are three new additions to the family…PB, Britney and Baileys. They were given to me by my friend Vanessa because she thought that we can take care of them very well. But, unfortunately, we had to give Britney to one of my cousins because they need a pet in the house. They gave her the name Britney (the only female among the three). Then PB died a few weeks after. We were not sure why but he just started vomitting and won’t eat anything. He died so fast we were not even able to give him medicine. =( (Btw, he was named PB because he resembled a polar bear..he had no tail..cute!) Baileys was the only one left. We thought that he was going to die as well because he won’t eat. But days after, he just started to move lively around the house and eventually went well.. Thank God!

PB, Britney and Baileys


Next, we have Hermes. One cute dog and very cuddly. He’s the only one among all our dogs (past and present) who would stand up and rest his head on your legs or hips and just stay there. He was the most “malambing” as they would put it. Take a look.


This is him resting in my arm while I was playing computer games. CUTE!!!

But we are very disturbed on his behavior right now. He gets out of the house every night then would return only in the morning. Yesterday when he went home, we saw wouds on his forehead and at the back of his neck. We tied him on a leash (they are not used to that because we don’t tie them up) and he started crying and howling.. We are not sure if this is natural for dogs during mating season but we sure are worried about him.

Lastly, we have Tutu. You might find the name so queer but do you remember what we say (especially in Filipino) everytime we call dogs..*whistles then says, “tutu tutu..ang cute cute naman nyan..tutu..o kain na..tutu tutu” * Haha! That’s where she got her name. We didn’t have anything to name her for a long time and people in our house were used to calling her that so we left things as it is. Haha! Tutu has this habit especially during the colder days. At night she will sleep on the floor but when we wake up in the morning, she is already on the bed sleeping with us..Haha!

Tutu, sleeping… with us…



Another picture of Tutu sleeping with us…

Now you’ve seen our pets. They may not be much or not from any known breed of dogs but we love them and they are one of our treasures here on earth..*wink wink*

One thought on “Pictures – Dogs

  1. hi..that’s a lot of dogs!! we’d love to have more pets in the house but due to our limited space for breeding we’ll have to settle for three. cute naman nila..–>

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