Too much of a week!

This week has been a total chaos on my side of the world (haha!). Do you know the feeling when you have a lot of things to do, accompanied with what you need to do at work, at home, with friends? That’s exactly what happened to me during the week. I need to prepare a lot of things for church this Saturday and Sunday.

I needed to prepare for our youth meeting this Saturday. It would be the first meeting for the year and we wanted to make it special in a way. I also need to prepare my line up for Sunday’s praise and worship. I have to coordinate the practice time and the songs that we will sing. Then, for the first time, I need to prepare something for our Bible Study tomorrow. I need to do extra work on this one because this is not just a small group with which I will be talking to people my age. The scariest thing about it is I will be handling the Bible Study of the whole congregation this Sunday (eeps!).

I’m not complaining about having all these. No! I just realized that I worried about them too much that I ended up doing less than what i could have done. Which is so sad. I feel exhausted but then, looking back, I only accomplished a little. Coupled with misunderstandings and tensions to the people around you. What a week!

I guess this is what they called “doing things my way”. I did the things I need to do (or maybe, I worried about them) with my own strength, my own wisdom. Then in the end, we accomplish nothing and feel tired. Basically, I need God. It’s true, I couldn’t do anything without Him. I just realized that I have been floating somewhere away from Him this week. Waaah!

Too bad I had to learn the hard way. Anyway, please pray for me. I could use them to steady my knees from shaking and some presence of mind for tomorrow. It will all boil down to giving glory to Him, no one else… Night everybody!

7 thoughts on “Too much of a week!

  1. Hello from Switzerland! Got here from Turtlepace’s blog.

    I see from your posts that you’re a Christian. Am I correct? I am kasi. 🙂

    Would you like to join our Christian community group blog Oikos Online? You can post Christianity-related entries there, as long as they aim to give glory to God.

  2. Hi Jayred! Thanks for the visit. It would be a pleasure to join you guys. Just tell me how and I will check on it the soonest I get back. Pinoy ka rin? Haha! Glad to hear from you. God bless you!!

  3. Hi, Arthur! Thanks for the reply. Will send you an Oikos Online e-mail invite. You must accept it to be able to join the team of contributors. Once you’re in, you can write your Christianity-related drafts there. (Just save them as drafts first; I’ll be the one to schedule the publication, if you don’t mind. Para may equal exposure sa lahat.) Yes, I’m Pinoy and proud to be one! 🙂 God bless.

  4. I love my koya!
    FYI bro, may account na rin ako sa blogspot! HA!

    I love you! Kita kits sa haws and we’ll play “War of the Worlds’!


    I love your blog…


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