Easter Reflections

Just one post before I go home.

Last week I had the privilege to attend a week-long meditation at our Church where assigned speakers will talk about Christ’s teachings. I also had the privilege to speak in front and discuss John 15 to the congregation. I am very thankful because during my preparations and the whole week of meditation, God revealed to me specific things I can reflect on and evaluate my relationship with Him. I believe God asked me two things:

1. Knowing and Believing. From the things that I know about God, how much of it do I really believe? As Christians, we all know that God loves us so much that He gave His son Jesus Christ to save us from our sins and be justified. We also know that God’s blessings are bountiful for everyone and that He knows the best for us. Basically, we know a lot about God’s characteristics but how much of these characteristics do we really believe? How much of those passages from the Bible do we really embrace?

2. Knowing and Experiencing. From the things that I know about God, how much of it do I experience working in me everyday of my life? Nicole Nordeman, in her song I Am, called God as her Creator, Maker, Comforter, Healer, Redeemer, Lord, King and so much more that He deserved to be called. But among all these characteristics of God how many of them have we experienced in our lives?

I have to admit that the rate that I would probably be getting would not be that good. Sometimes, we hear a lot of teachings about God that the line between knowing and believing gets thinner and thinner until there is no clear distinction between what we know and what we really believe in. Claiming security (in terms of our relationship with God) based on what we know with little concern on the real experience with Him. Believing that knowing the right things and saying the right words are enough to be holy and blessed.

I don’t actually know how to end this post, all I know is that as long as we are living, it is never late to go back to God and experience His goodness, mercy and grace. Though it wouldn’t be as simple as saying “ask and believe”. It will require a lot of meditation and prayer, focusing on God with the help of His bountiful grace.

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