Waiting Game

I was about to go home when I swung by Tom’s Journey. I read there, on the top of his posts, these quotes from the book Red Moon Rising by Pete Grieg and Dave Roberts.

“I feel like God is waiting to see if I am waiting. If he just flooded in with answers and guidance right now, I would not have changed, I would not have learned to wait and trust without the answers and without a roadmap for the future. So I’m glad that God was silent, because I actually want to wait…

I don’t necessarily want ease and instant anything any more. I want to be different before I do anything different. So I’m waiting for God, and God is waiting for me to see if I am really waiting for him, and not just wanting things from him.”

I am one of those people who has engaged in this game for a very long time. I continuously pray for God to help me on my struggles with a lot of things but sometimes I don’t even give Him a chance to speak or even listen to what He has to say. I always go back to what I have been doing and don’t take heed on His words. Sometimes we don’t get the answers to our prayers because we are so busy looking for the answer ourselves. And if He just gives us what we want, right away, we will never change. We will continuously do what we used to do knowing that God will help us anyway. We just want things from Him, but we won’t listen.

But no, God wants us to wait for Him. It’s like hearing Him say, “If you won’t listen to what I have to say, then you won’t get what you ask for”. Lol! It just struck me that sometimes, prayers are not answered because we asked. We get the answer to our prayers because we listened. We waited on what the answer would be: would He be giving us what we ask for, or would He be leading us into something that is much better?

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I’m not sure if I did a good job with the title but I tried my best to be creative, so live with it! LOL! I came up with the title because that is what I am experiencing on a weekly basis, strain in translations. waah!

Two pastors (in our church they are called officers), from Australia, together with their kids are attending Sunday Service in our corps for a couple of months now. They are very participative during the services and they seem to be enjoying themselves every sunday. Church members, especially the children, are so fond of them and their two daughters (who by the way are cute little dolls). But then we can’t disregard the communication barrier. They do not know how to speak Filipino and a lot of the church people are not so good in speaking in English (I consider myself a part of this group). And since not all the people from our church is able to speak in english, on most parts of the service people are speaking Filipino, and if they can, they utter small phrases in english. This is where my role comes in.

I serve as the translator. *plays the usual sound effects on horror movies* Lol!

How I wish I am as fluent as Nicole Kidman in “The Translator” as she translates the meeting for the African representatives. Lol! But no, I also struggle in speaking in English (you can prove it by counting how many grammatically incorrect entries are there in this blog! haha!). Sometimes I think I am dyslexic because I forget the English terms even for the simplest words, words that are taught during elementary. Lol! Sometimes I don’t think I make sense anymore as I speak in English. Mas maganda siguro kung tagalugin ko na lang ito. Lol!! I remember one time, while speaking with one of the Australian pastors, she used the word “condescending” during the conversation. I didn’t know what it meant by that time so I just laughed. Lol!

I’m not complaining. It is quite pleasing to know that I am capable of speaking even a little of the English language and converse with foreigners. But sometimes (especially during my translation stunts…lol!) I don’t think I’m making sense to them. I sometimes find it hard, especially during testimonies, when the speaker elaborately tells his or her story. I sometimes find myself pausing for a while and then summarizing the whole sentence.

I’m still thankful that I know how to speak in english. It just so happened that He has given me a new task and responsibility. For me, it wouldn’t be easy, but hey not everybody can do it. Having more talents comes more responsibility. I’m quoting Rick Warren, not Spider Man. Lol!!

iNcident iNvolving an iPod

I agree with what Tom said about the iPod iSolating us from the people around us. It’s so sad that I had to learn it the hard way.

Two days ago, I unconsciously hurt somebody because I was busy listening to my iPod and somehow wanted to feel good and look cool. In the end, I received criticism instead of compliment. It was so depressing and affected my testimony to others.

That morning, my Aunt was sitting right outside their gate playing with her granddaughter and talking with the other people in the neighborhood. As I went out of the house, I didn’t notice her there and didn’t hear her calling me “Ninong” (because I was that baby’s godfather). I just went on and was quite enjoying the music on my iPod. Sadly, she took it offensively and thought I am angry with her and just snobs her around.

I learned about all this when I went home that night and my Mom told me about it. I felt so guilty. It would be so terrible if this will build a gap between our families. We have been living close to each other for a very long time and we have been supporting each other through thick and thin. I attempted to talk to her yesterday before going to work but no one was inside the house. I just hope I will be able to talk to her and say sorry before things get worse.

Other than learning that it is a big NO to listen to iPods or Walkmans or anything when I am around with people, there is still a relationship to mend. I know I did not deliberately do it but I know God is teaching me humility and respect, and he makes me realize to weigh what is really important…family.

My Finger Pointing Towards… Me

This morning I just had the most unbelievable conversation in my entire life while having breakfast in the canteen just inside our building. I was enjoyably eating my pansilog (haha! it’s my term for pansit canton, sinangag and itlog) with two of my colleagues when our conversation directed to watching the Da Vinci Code. One of them blatantly claimed that there is really a possibility of Christ having a son. She said it may not be with Mary Magdalene but still Chirist could really had had a son during His earthly days. Huwaaat!!! She believes that there are lots of books and gospels that were not included in the Bible and one of them might have the full account of Christ’s love story. Again… Huwaaat!!!

During that conversation I thought she was insane. I furiously wanted to defend what I believe and tell her that she is wrong and that it is not what the Bible says. But then while blogging about it, I had a different look on it. God has been showing me a lot of things lately and this situation just added up to the things that He is trying to dig down my spirituality. Instant catharsis. Instead of pointing out how absurd her thoughts were, I was able to look deep inside and question myself. Who am I to tell her that she is wrong? How much do I really know this person, Christ, that I desperately wanted to defend? How much of the things that are written in the Bible do I really believe in and claim as true? How much of the teachings in the Bible do i really follow and live with? With those questions in mind my index finger suddenly pointed back to me, together with all my other fingers. I rest my case.

About her, I know God will send somebody to deal with her and her beliefs and I know that, right now, I am not that person. I have to go back to Him and have a long talk. I know He needs to deal a lot of things about me first.

I’ve Been Tagged!! Woohoo!!

Thanks to Kuya Ganns because for the first time in my bloglife, it finally came to me… I’ve been tagged!! Yey!! Haha!!

OK, here it goes…

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1) Kiss My Mike
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Here are the questions…*eggzayted*

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was freshman in high school and probably worrying of being kicked out of high school for consistently failing Beginning Algebra and General Science. LOL!

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Probably in my office formatting computers. *ugh*

Five snacks you enjoy:
1) Lucky Me Pansit Canton Chillimansi flavor
2) spanish bread (fresh from the bakery.LOL!)
3) monay na may palaman
4) Pillows
5) Baked Macaroni

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
1) Crazy Love by Poco
2) With Every Breath by Jars of Clay and Sixpence None the Richer
3) Vincent by Don McLean
4) On and On by Stephen Bishop
5) Out of My League by Stephen Speaks

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1) Give at least 10% to the Church.
2) Take my family to a trip to another country. Maybe Switzerland or France.
3) Buy my dream car.. a Honda Civic!! LOL!
4) Help my mom put up a small business or perhaps a garden she can keep.
5) Grant a wish each from my brother and sisters. As long as my money can buy it. Haha!

Five bad habits:
1) Over eating.
2) Over sleeping.
3) Procrastination
4) Always in the middle (especially during decisions)
5) Tardiness.

Five things you like doing:
1) Blogging.
2) Reading books
3) Singing
4) Watching movies
5) Playing computer games

Five things you would never wear again:
1) Combat shoes.
2) See-through shorts (Haha!)
3) Shorts with zipper while swimming
4) Tight fit jeans
5) White socks under black pants

Five favorite toys:
1) PC
2) Atari Family Computer (Haha!)
3) Bioman toy robot (I had it when I was six)
4) Word Factory
5) MIllionaire’s Game