My Finger Pointing Towards… Me

This morning I just had the most unbelievable conversation in my entire life while having breakfast in the canteen just inside our building. I was enjoyably eating my pansilog (haha! it’s my term for pansit canton, sinangag and itlog) with two of my colleagues when our conversation directed to watching the Da Vinci Code. One of them blatantly claimed that there is really a possibility of Christ having a son. She said it may not be with Mary Magdalene but still Chirist could really had had a son during His earthly days. Huwaaat!!! She believes that there are lots of books and gospels that were not included in the Bible and one of them might have the full account of Christ’s love story. Again… Huwaaat!!!

During that conversation I thought she was insane. I furiously wanted to defend what I believe and tell her that she is wrong and that it is not what the Bible says. But then while blogging about it, I had a different look on it. God has been showing me a lot of things lately and this situation just added up to the things that He is trying to dig down my spirituality. Instant catharsis. Instead of pointing out how absurd her thoughts were, I was able to look deep inside and question myself. Who am I to tell her that she is wrong? How much do I really know this person, Christ, that I desperately wanted to defend? How much of the things that are written in the Bible do I really believe in and claim as true? How much of the teachings in the Bible do i really follow and live with? With those questions in mind my index finger suddenly pointed back to me, together with all my other fingers. I rest my case.

About her, I know God will send somebody to deal with her and her beliefs and I know that, right now, I am not that person. I have to go back to Him and have a long talk. I know He needs to deal a lot of things about me first.


One thought on “My Finger Pointing Towards… Me

  1. When I die, for sure, God and I will have a very looooooooooong conversation… about everything….. seryoso!!! For example,

    bakit ako maganda?

    Nyahaha!!! Kidding aside, marami talaga akong gustong itanong kay Lord, kaya minsan tuloy parang ang saya na….

    ma-promote to glory na! Ha!


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