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I’m not sure if I did a good job with the title but I tried my best to be creative, so live with it! LOL! I came up with the title because that is what I am experiencing on a weekly basis, strain in translations. waah!

Two pastors (in our church they are called officers), from Australia, together with their kids are attending Sunday Service in our corps for a couple of months now. They are very participative during the services and they seem to be enjoying themselves every sunday. Church members, especially the children, are so fond of them and their two daughters (who by the way are cute little dolls). But then we can’t disregard the communication barrier. They do not know how to speak Filipino and a lot of the church people are not so good in speaking in English (I consider myself a part of this group). And since not all the people from our church is able to speak in english, on most parts of the service people are speaking Filipino, and if they can, they utter small phrases in english. This is where my role comes in.

I serve as the translator. *plays the usual sound effects on horror movies* Lol!

How I wish I am as fluent as Nicole Kidman in “The Translator” as she translates the meeting for the African representatives. Lol! But no, I also struggle in speaking in English (you can prove it by counting how many grammatically incorrect entries are there in this blog! haha!). Sometimes I think I am dyslexic because I forget the English terms even for the simplest words, words that are taught during elementary. Lol! Sometimes I don’t think I make sense anymore as I speak in English. Mas maganda siguro kung tagalugin ko na lang ito. Lol!! I remember one time, while speaking with one of the Australian pastors, she used the word “condescending” during the conversation. I didn’t know what it meant by that time so I just laughed. Lol!

I’m not complaining. It is quite pleasing to know that I am capable of speaking even a little of the English language and converse with foreigners. But sometimes (especially during my translation stunts…lol!) I don’t think I’m making sense to them. I sometimes find it hard, especially during testimonies, when the speaker elaborately tells his or her story. I sometimes find myself pausing for a while and then summarizing the whole sentence.

I’m still thankful that I know how to speak in english. It just so happened that He has given me a new task and responsibility. For me, it wouldn’t be easy, but hey not everybody can do it. Having more talents comes more responsibility. I’m quoting Rick Warren, not Spider Man. Lol!!


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