Another Lea Salonga Video…

But this is not just any other Lea Salonga video. This is the one where she won the 1991 Tony Awards Best Actress in a Musical for her role as Kim in Miss Saigon. A few people enjoyed the first video where Lea is just auditioning for the role. It is wonderful to see where it all began but it is another thing when you see her winning the awards.. It gives you a feeling of pride for the Filipinos. Enjoy!

And here are two additional videos. The first one is the final audition and selection process for Miss Saigon where Lea Salonga got the role of Kim and Monique Wilson is cast as a Saigon bar girl.

The last one is a song entitled You Could Drive a Person Crazy from the musical Hey! Mr. Producer with our very own Lea Salonga, Maria Friedman (Passion, Lady in the Dark), Ruthie Henshall (She Loves Me, Peggy Sue Got Married) and Millicent Martin (Side by Side by Sondheim, King of Hearts).

2 thoughts on “Another Lea Salonga Video…

  1. Thanks for sharing these videos, Arthur. It’s quite obvious you’re a Lea Salonga fan. 🙂

    I’d like to see again sana the Olivier Awards video. Available kaya sa YouTube?

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