Midnight Thoughts…

How do you let go of what has been so special to you, even for such a short time?

You’re there, in the center where you are torn between giving up or holding on to the promise you made.

…continually asking the classic questions in which you don’t seem to get any answer…

How far should you go before you stop?

How many pleas should you do before you finally get tired of asking?

How much waiting should you endure before you finally move on?

…desperate to receive signs, even the faintest ones, that will light just a single strand of hope that you have been keeping in your heart.

…praying that you will hear a word from, or just a glance at that wonderful thing…

before it all ends.


Just some thoughts I had. I don’t know if they even make sense. Lol!


2 thoughts on “Midnight Thoughts…

  1. “How do you let go of what has been so special to you, even for such a short time?”….well, actually you never let go, it reminds in your heart: first you cry, then it turns into a sad memory, then you learn how to live with that feeling, then you accept your situation, and finally you can carry that feeling in yourself like a good memory.
    Its hard to let go, I usually get so “stuck in a moment”. Even tough I say all this things, It keeps happening to me. I feel so foolish sometimes.
    Then I wonder… Is it worth it?… Of course it is, so I decide to: smile, and just keep breathing, everything goes by… hang on!!! ;O)

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