New Place

Welcome to my new place! I’m still feeling my way in managing this one but I think I wil enjoy it here. Hehe. It has more attractive themes and easy-to-use administration pages. Although the codes are off-limits so I have to say goodbye to shoutboxes and other “home” accessories.

I chose the design because of its gothic theme and it reminded me of my most favorite City on a Hill album, Songs of Worship and Praise. Check out the album cover below..

City on a Hill, Songs of Worship and Praise
Anyway, I hope you’ll have fun in my new place. Hope to see you again. PLease update your links to my new address. I won’t be deleting my previous blog, for now, so everyone who goes there will be redirected to my new place.

God bless you all!

5 thoughts on “New Place

  1. no offense to blogspot, but this one is quite more readable. nice layout and color as well.

    keep blogging, i enjoy reading your blogs. 🙂

  2. huwel, congrats…pag may time ako…try ko rin i-explore wordpress. 😉
    pero i think i will have my own website na … soon…
    gamit wordpress sa amin so i think oks lang…kahit iiwan mo na kaming mga nsa blogger. waaaa 😦

    nice blog…

  3. Very wonderful layout. WordPress looks very professional, and my brother told me it’s very user friendly that even people who haven’t heard of html can use it.

    I’ll be seeing more of you then.

  4. Thanks for visiting guys! I really enjoy my new home. 😀

    Azee: Maybe you should think of getting a blog for yourself. 😉

    Karen: Don’t worry, I’ll regularly visit your blog and I will be waiting for your own website. Hehe.

    Lance: Thanks for swinging by! Yep, wordpress is very user friendly but the down-side is I can’t customize my page the way I want it. The layout rocks though. Lol!

    Jayred: Hello!! Thanks for visiting me here all the way from Switzerland. Lol! I hope to see you again. 😀

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