Knock Some Sense Into Me

Last night, I received a text message that goes like this:

“When God calls us, we cannot refuse from a sense of inadequacy. Nobody is worthy of such trust. When Moses tried that excuse, God became angry (Exodus 4:14). Let us not pass the buck of leadership because we think ourselves incapable.”

I thank God for friends who really tries to knock some sense into me, during the most confusing times, but seems to delete the word “gentle” in their vocabulary while doing so. Lol!

This was taken from the book Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders and I guess this is the wake up call I need right now.

For the past few weeks, I am compelled to start discipleship with some of the youth in our church. God gave me the burden to reach out to these young people so they won’t end up at the same place I’ve been to… nowhere. Lost, clueless of what a relationship with God really is, a man who claims that he’s a Christian but does not know who Christ is.

But I was, am, afraid to do so because I’m afraid of messing things up. I’m afraid that I’m not capable to lead these young boys because I don’t know how to. I’m afraid that, in the process, everything will end in a disaster because I’m not capable, or sensitive enough, to hear and follow His leading.

The answer came like a volleyball that was hit by the world’s strongest spiker, aimed right into my face, and promises to leave a clear and unmistakable “Mikasa” mark in my forehead. Lol!

It was a slap on the face, a conk right on the forehead. It was a big ‘Ouch!’ on my part. It hurts because it’s true. I’m tired of running but still I did nothing but run, run away from the responsibilities that were been given to me.

The funny thing about it is I didn’t feel offended or angry. I really think that I should be offended but I’m not. I wanted to feel that way but I can’t. Lol! Maybe because I’m guilty and I have nothing else to do but to admit that I am guilty. Maybe because there is consolation in knowing that the message contains loads of truths in it.

From this day on I am so encouraged to take my leadership tasks seriously. I’m not saying that everything will be easy and that I wil be so good in it. BUt at least I’m taking the steps to achieve and accomplish the tasks He has set before me. After all, I wouldn’t want to piss Him off.. It’s quite scary just thinking about it..

How about you, what are the things that you think God has been telling you to do but you haven’t done yet for some reasons?


Forgive me for the picture. I didn’t find any good pic of a volleyball player hit right on the face or somebody smashing something on another person’s head. Lol! It was taken from

3 thoughts on “Knock Some Sense Into Me

  1. anu baaah… natatamaan ako sa post mo… pray for friend. I’m having the same struggle. I have things to do that I have not done yet because of some reasons… pero alam ko kaya ko ito…kaya alam ko kaya mo rin iyan…ok? 😉

  2. Reading your blog, seems like you have achieved victory. 😀 Am happy for you. Always trust in Him.. He will never fail you. God bless! 😀

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