Away to Madrid…

No, not me. My brother flew to Madrid and he, together with some of his colleagues, will stay  there for two months for some work related projects.

That means he won’t be with us to celebrate Christmas and New Year.


I just pray that he will be safe there. And that he will have a fulfilling time there. May God bless him always.

We miss him already.


Hillsong United – Live in Manila

Hillsong United

Yes, I was at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium last night, side by side with my family, together with hundreds of people who were shouting, dancing, jumping, singing, clapping and jamming crazily in praising God and lifting the name of Jesus Christ.

It was the craziest thing I have ever done. Good crazy. Haha!

I arrived there late and it was so hard being squeezed, while walking in the middle of jumping young people, to get to our seat halfway around the stadium from the General Admissions entrance. But I forgot everything about it, how far we walked around the stadium, how I got to sqeeze among people to be able to pass through, when they sang “Till I See You”. Walking has never been so enjoyable and fulfilling. I was at the right place.

We sang, I mean shouted, praised and jumped to Hillsong United’s famous songs such as “Take It All”, “King of Majesty”, “From The Inside Out”,”Salvation Is Here” among others, that left us praying in awe and shouting praises. Chrishan Jeyaratnam, a youth pastor of Hillsong Church, spoke about doing what God has told us to do. No matter where we areor what we do, if God tells us something, we should do it.

All along I didn’t see what their main purpose is, why Hillsong United has been diligently creating these songs, wholeheartedly singing for the current generation around the world and some of their songs you can put as quite “crazy”. Haha! But as I stood there last night, singing and praising, just like everybody else, it just struck me what they are really trying to tell these people. Intimate relationship with God. I didn’t realize it before but it was the same thing I was struggling with, the very thing I need.

Going home at 1:00 in the morning, I wished I was able to take pictures or anything that will make me remember how wonderful this concert was. But, thinking about it, that night wasn’t about Hillsong United, it was not about Joel Houston or the other members of the band and their great God-given talents. That night was about God, and how He blazed the fire in every heart that was there. How he blessed every person, refreshed their spirits, and gave them hope that no matter what happens in the future, God is with us and whatever struggle we face when we get out of that place, Christ has been victorious over it and we can claim the same victory through Him.

I don’t need something to remember that night. I just pray that the fire in my heart will keep on burning as I do what it is He tells me to do. This time, not just listen and understand it, but actually DO IT.

Video courtesy of  roquejo. My apologies.

Cine Europa and the Miracle of John Travolta

Miracle of Bern


Yesterday, I, with my mom, went to Shangri-la Mall and indulged in watching European movies at this year’s Cine Europa. I learned about Cine Europa last year when they showed the movies at SM Megamall and I wanted to catch it again this year.

We were able to watch The Miracle of Bern from Germany. Again, I am no movie critic so I won’t try to disect the important themes of the movie and try to explain it’s implications to modern society. Lol!

I liked the movie. It tells about the story of a boy, Matthias, who works as a mascot of a football player, Helmut Rahn. The story revolves around Matthia’s life, and his family’s adjustments when his father went back from Russia as prisoner of war, and how the miracle of love and generosity in their family affects Germany’s miracle win in the 1945 World Cup. I would probably watch it again if I can. I’m still confused how Matthia’s life with his family affected the miracle in Bern to happen.

I will probably watch more of the European movies this week, maybe after office hours. Lol!

Click here to read more about The Miracle of Bern and here to see the Cine Europa screening schedules from November 9 to 19.

By the way, I also started to buy copies of my favorite movies, or movies I just want to have copies with.

I bought Beauty and the Beast (Disney Pictures, 1991), The American President (Michael Douglas and Annette Benning, 1995), Pay It Forward (Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment, 2000), Grease (John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, 1978), To Kill a Mockingbird (Gregory Peck and Mary Badham, 1962), Life is Beautiful (Roberto Benigni, 1997) and a DVD copy of Big Fish (Ewan McGreggor, Albert Finney and Billy Crudup, 2003).

I watched Grease last night and I couldn’t help but cringe everytime I remember how tha story went. Lol! Although, the score was awesome and the dance sequences as well. John Travolta was amazing. Hahaha! Take a look…

I will probably watch it again. 😀

Hillsong – Found

Amazing love
Now what else shall I need
Your name brings life
It’s more than the air I breathe

My world was changed
When Your love You gave for me
My purpose found
And all that You want for me

And I found myself in You
And I found myself in You

Amazing love
Now what else shall I need
Your name brings life
It’s more than the air I breathe

And I found myself in You
And I found myself in You

Take me to a place
Where I can see You face to face
And all I want to do
All I want to do
Is worship You

Looking back…

I miss…

1. Playing volleyball
2. Listening to Josh Groban
3. Listening to Norah Jones
4. The Lord of The Rings
5. Starbucks
6. Battle of the Brains (the game show)
7. MellowTouch 94.7’s Afternoon Cruise
8. Gilmore Girls
9. Afternoon naps
10. Singing at the top of my lungs
11. Retreats
12. Staying up late talking about everything
13. Looking at the heavens at night
14. Writing poetry
15. Laughing as if there’s no tomorrow
16. Greek mythology
17. My High School
18. Solving problems in Algebra
19. Reading a good book, a novel or poetry perhaps
20. The cool breeze in a peaceful afternoon

This was written in no particular order… 

Lake House Goosebumps

I was able to watch Lakehouse, starring Sandra Bullock and KeanuReeves, last night. I’ve been regularly checking if it’s available in VideoCity near the office and, luckily, last night was my night. I find some inconsistencies in the movie but, generally, I love it.

The Lake House

I love Sandra Bullock, although she looked old in the movie, i don’t know if it’s the hair, but she’s still as stunning as ever. I liked the parts in the movie where Kate (Bullock) leads Alex (Reeves) to her whereabouts during his time, which was 2 years ago. They had been acquainted all those time and Kate didn’t realize that she is, presently,  exchanging letters with that same person. It was genius. lol! But what really blew me away was the soundtrack. Ahh! How I wish I will be able to buy one, soon. I will definitely recommend the movie to anyone I know.

Okay, that was the “Lake House” part of the post. The goosebumps part?

For the past few days, my head is filled with thoughts about death. I don’t think it has something to do with the All Saint’s Day. Some of the people I talk to are, in some ways, able to insert death in our conversations. Then a friend once told me through text, “You’re crazy. You look like you’re dying. Haha! Lagot ka sa’kin if you die.” Spooky, right? It’s like a foreshadowing or something. Lol!
But I know that, sooner or later, we are all going that same direction. We don’t know when or how but it will happen. While I was having my quiet time, the day I started to have these thoughts, I was reading the part where Jesus predicts His death (John 12:20-36). Jesus knew that he is going to die, soon and in a horrible way. But he knew that this task, that was given to Him by God the Father, must be done.

27“Now my heart is troubled, and what shall I say? ‘Father, save me from this hour’? No, it was for this very reason I came to this hour. 28Father, glorify your name!”

All for the glory of the Father. Like Jesus, I don’t want to worry about death. It will come at the right time and place. I might die soon or I might stay here on earth for quite a while. But before that, I still have a task to do. And until then, I will be working hard to accomplish that task, until the last breath. So that when I get there, my Father will tell me, “Well done, Arthur. My good and faithful servant.”