Looking back…

I miss…

1. Playing volleyball
2. Listening to Josh Groban
3. Listening to Norah Jones
4. The Lord of The Rings
5. Starbucks
6. Battle of the Brains (the game show)
7. MellowTouch 94.7’s Afternoon Cruise
8. Gilmore Girls
9. Afternoon naps
10. Singing at the top of my lungs
11. Retreats
12. Staying up late talking about everything
13. Looking at the heavens at night
14. Writing poetry
15. Laughing as if there’s no tomorrow
16. Greek mythology
17. My High School
18. Solving problems in Algebra
19. Reading a good book, a novel or poetry perhaps
20. The cool breeze in a peaceful afternoon

This was written in no particular order… 

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