Cine Europa and the Miracle of John Travolta

Miracle of Bern


Yesterday, I, with my mom, went to Shangri-la Mall and indulged in watching European movies at this year’s Cine Europa. I learned about Cine Europa last year when they showed the movies at SM Megamall and I wanted to catch it again this year.

We were able to watch The Miracle of Bern from Germany. Again, I am no movie critic so I won’t try to disect the important themes of the movie and try to explain it’s implications to modern society. Lol!

I liked the movie. It tells about the story of a boy, Matthias, who works as a mascot of a football player, Helmut Rahn. The story revolves around Matthia’s life, and his family’s adjustments when his father went back from Russia as prisoner of war, and how the miracle of love and generosity in their family affects Germany’s miracle win in the 1945 World Cup. I would probably watch it again if I can. I’m still confused how Matthia’s life with his family affected the miracle in Bern to happen.

I will probably watch more of the European movies this week, maybe after office hours. Lol!

Click here to read more about The Miracle of Bern and here to see the Cine Europa screening schedules from November 9 to 19.

By the way, I also started to buy copies of my favorite movies, or movies I just want to have copies with.

I bought Beauty and the Beast (Disney Pictures, 1991), The American President (Michael Douglas and Annette Benning, 1995), Pay It Forward (Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment, 2000), Grease (John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, 1978), To Kill a Mockingbird (Gregory Peck and Mary Badham, 1962), Life is Beautiful (Roberto Benigni, 1997) and a DVD copy of Big Fish (Ewan McGreggor, Albert Finney and Billy Crudup, 2003).

I watched Grease last night and I couldn’t help but cringe everytime I remember how tha story went. Lol! Although, the score was awesome and the dance sequences as well. John Travolta was amazing. Hahaha! Take a look…

I will probably watch it again. 😀

2 thoughts on “Cine Europa and the Miracle of John Travolta

  1. Gusto ko pumunta dun nung Saturday but I have sore throat. Kaasar! Nood ka din ng Spanish Film Festival. I watched it this year sa GB. 50 pesos lang ticket. Ang gaganda ng mga films! Kelan kaya French Film Festival? Oist, nacomment ko na to sa previous post mo pero sasabihin ko ulet – peram ng To Kill a Mockingbird and Shawshank Redemption, hahahaha!


  2. Nandun din ako nung Saturday. Hahaha! I was ablev to watch three films, out of 9. Sayang hindi bingo. Haha! Spanish Film Festival? Kailan yun? Sabihan mo ako kapag meron ulit. Hehe. About the VCDs, ok nga lang na hiramin mo. Pero sa lagay e, ganun na lang ba yun? Hahaha! Sige sabihan mo lang ako kung kailan. God bless!

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