Hillsong United – Live in Manila

Hillsong United

Yes, I was at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium last night, side by side with my family, together with hundreds of people who were shouting, dancing, jumping, singing, clapping and jamming crazily in praising God and lifting the name of Jesus Christ.

It was the craziest thing I have ever done. Good crazy. Haha!

I arrived there late and it was so hard being squeezed, while walking in the middle of jumping young people, to get to our seat halfway around the stadium from the General Admissions entrance. But I forgot everything about it, how far we walked around the stadium, how I got to sqeeze among people to be able to pass through, when they sang “Till I See You”. Walking has never been so enjoyable and fulfilling. I was at the right place.

We sang, I mean shouted, praised and jumped to Hillsong United’s famous songs such as “Take It All”, “King of Majesty”, “From The Inside Out”,”Salvation Is Here” among others, that left us praying in awe and shouting praises. Chrishan Jeyaratnam, a youth pastor of Hillsong Church, spoke about doing what God has told us to do. No matter where we areor what we do, if God tells us something, we should do it.

All along I didn’t see what their main purpose is, why Hillsong United has been diligently creating these songs, wholeheartedly singing for the current generation around the world and some of their songs you can put as quite “crazy”. Haha! But as I stood there last night, singing and praising, just like everybody else, it just struck me what they are really trying to tell these people. Intimate relationship with God. I didn’t realize it before but it was the same thing I was struggling with, the very thing I need.

Going home at 1:00 in the morning, I wished I was able to take pictures or anything that will make me remember how wonderful this concert was. But, thinking about it, that night wasn’t about Hillsong United, it was not about Joel Houston or the other members of the band and their great God-given talents. That night was about God, and how He blazed the fire in every heart that was there. How he blessed every person, refreshed their spirits, and gave them hope that no matter what happens in the future, God is with us and whatever struggle we face when we get out of that place, Christ has been victorious over it and we can claim the same victory through Him.

I don’t need something to remember that night. I just pray that the fire in my heart will keep on burning as I do what it is He tells me to do. This time, not just listen and understand it, but actually DO IT.

Video courtesy of  roquejo. My apologies.


65 thoughts on “Hillsong United – Live in Manila

  1. Great to hear you loved the concert, and more importantly that God was speaking to you.

    The guys were here in Perth recently, but I didn’t get to go … oh well there’s bound to be another chance

  2. They are really good. I will admit that I didn’t listen to their songs that much. But after that night, I couldn’t get enough.

  3. your blog was the first thing that appeared when i typed in ” hillsong in manila” at yahoo search. wow, you guys are so blessed to have watched their concert. i love their songs and it must be such a wonderful experience watching them live… and it hit me that i just missed that concert, ang bilis ng panahon…sometimes i get so caught up with my toxic life that i miss out on stuff like this. anyhow, praise God and thank you ‘coz your blog made me realize I should work out my relationship with Him…a splash of cold water for me.

  4. Hello, nice to see that the “Till I See You” video I posted on YouTube actually found it’s way to your website.

    Anyway, I was also there in the concert. Nice article you wrote..

    God Bless…

  5. i love to hear your music because you rock God!!!!
    can you post your video in youtube,your concert video in Manila,
    i want to see it!!
    God bless you!!!!

  6. im bless the music of hillsong church,i’d cried when i hear it ‘coz im feeling going to hevean…i really,really happy ‘coz i have CD’s and DVD’s of your album…God bless you!!!!

  7. i always pray unto the Lord to see your live conccert or to join your concert and share the pressence of God..(‘-‘) hope God will answer it…..

  8. Sarah: Sayang you missed the concert. Let’s pray they will be back soon. Thanks for the comment. Praise God for speaking to you through the post.

    Roquejo: My apologies for not linking. I was overcome by emotions upon seeing the video i forgot my manners. Lol! Thanks so much.

    Kervin: Sadly I was not able to get any video from the concert. I’ll try to post concert videos when I find some in Youtube.

    Jade: I love their songs too. I think I should start collecting their CDs and DVDs as well.

    God bless ou all. Thanks for swinging by. 😀

  9. wow! your so blessed to worship with them…. i hope i can go there to manila, but then i lived here in cagayan de oro city. i hope they’ll be coming back here in the philippines but here in our city… GOD BLESS!

  10. I wanted to go there, too, but all tickets hadbeen sold by the time I decided to watch. I hope that God has used this occasion to teach people the value of worship.

  11. Hi!!! yeah, praise God for speaking through your posts… i’ve been reading some of your posts….i was really inspired by the things you wrote….about God, prayers,& waiting for what seems like unanswered prayers. Really just what i need at the moment. Thanks ha? I hope you’ll continue writing wonderful things and inspiring people like you did with me. May the Lord use you mightily…Glory to God!!!=)

  12. Dominic: I really pray that they will be back. Hopefully they will go to more than one place here in the Philippines when they get back. God bless you too!

    Lance: I pray for the same thing.

    Sarah: Wow! Thanks so much. To God be the glory indeed. 😀

  13. hillsong united!!!!! god bless them!!! how amazing their concert was…so inspiring>…..you can really feel god presensce in the stadium!!!!!!!what an amazing god!!!! amen!!!!??

  14. your article was really moving.. i heard it nga dat hillsong will be coming to manila for a concert..sadly i wasn’t able to attend, i’m from davao kasi and it would be costly for me to go up their in manila, wala kasi akong money that time..but hearing from your testimonies is enough for me to say that God really works for all of us and he has His reasons also of doing all of those..
    your comments guys really inspired me and i am hoping that one day hillsong will get back here in the Philippines..let us continue to flare up the fire of Jesus..God Bless us all..Solo Dios Basta(God Is Enough)!!!

  15. All glory 2 God!!!!!great…God is moving at that concert….Praise God!!!!upto the highest……..to God be All the Glory!!!!!!!!!!!Godbless you all guys….More power!!!love yah guys…. (gen from:Jesus the Messiah Global Missions Church)

  16. Do you love Hillsong??

    I am really happy that you had watched their concert..

    I’m so sad that I didnt go their.. huhu.. Anyway.. I was so surprise when you share your story about that day..

    (I felt some ghoose bumps!!)

    If you had a friendster just add me…


    Keep Rocking For GOD’s Glory!!

    God Bless…(^_^)

  17. Hello! I just went to the Hillsong UNITED – All of the Above Worship in Chicago! It was the best! Hillsong really enjoyed the Philippines! Do you know if there’s going to be a touring in the Philippines again?

  18. just stumbled upon your blog. awesomeness. i’m actually from manila (many years ago). i just think its just awesome to see that the lives of my countrymen have been touched by such a blessed group of musicians.

    hillsong united is playing tonight in a small town in ocean grove, nj – where i reside. this is a cool wordpress theme too.

  19. John Day: Sayang hindi ka nakapunta. Hoepfully they will be back soon and that they will have series of concerts in different locations like Cebu and Davao. That will be awesome.God bless!

  20. Falling Flowers: Let’s wait and see when they will come back. I will definitely see them again if I am given a chance. They totally rock! Lol!

  21. hello!!!! ezo zi k ez wena musika
    la mejor del mundo ¡¡¡¡¡musica criztiana!!!!!
    loz amo hillsong!!! woooooooooooo!!!!!!!1

  22. holaaaaaaaa desde el hermoso pais de Colombia.
    me gustaria que hillsong estuviera de gira x esta hermosa tierra. bendicionesssssssssssssssssss

  23. hola, estaría muy padre que vinieran a méxico, en la ciudad de morelia MICHOACÁN, son muy talentosos, y tienen música muy buena y con muy buen mensaje y unción

  24. the worship team ofour church watched that concert. i was also planning togo, with my friend, hehe..di natuloy..on july 20-22 there will be an every nation world conference in araneta..will you be going?




  26. dios los bendiga a todos aca en chile se estan haciendo conocidos con el disco en español es muy bueno espero que algun dia ustedes vengan para chile y e especial la ciudad de puerto montt
    saludos bendiciones

  27. Hillsong is coming back!! 🙂


    Hillsong United Live in Manila
    May 26, 2008
    Araneta Coliseum

    Patron – P1162 reserved seating
    Lowerbox – P930 reserved seating
    Upper A – P698 reserved seating
    Upper B – P465 free seating
    Gen Ad – P291 free seating

    just wanted to share 😉 hindi ako nakapunta last time eh.

  28. Roana: This is great news!! I heard that they are coming back but I didn’t know the details. Thank you for this. I will definitely be there! God bless! 🙂

  29. wow..at last,makikita q n ang hillsong united,,you are so blessed guys…more blessed for being a blessing to other christians…i’m so xcited..

  30. nice blog. =)
    hillsong will be here again..i hope i could come. it would be great to experience God through their songs..

    I really would love to go..

  31. it’s not in the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.. but in Araneta Center Stadium.. it happened last night and I was there too..
    I was revived by their songs!
    People there were crazy for Jesus.. They were praising God and the Tickets were sold out! can you believe it..
    many people wanted to see Hillsong and because they wanted to praise God also.. it was really a great experience for me to see that there are many people who are Christians and were really wanted to praise God!
    it was a great success for Hillsong.. and God bless them for their other trips…
    I hope they can encourage more young people to praise God!
    God Bless!!
    To God be the Glory!!

  32. I enjoyed watching hillsong on my dvd and vcd…
    I think my life is fully blessed by God when i hear those songs…
    It has a great impact! Thank God…

  33. For a second everything went quiet in the cab, then the driver said, “Look mate, don’t ever do that again. You scared the daylights out of me!”

  34. I just knew about Hillsong a few months ago…

    Nice post – makes me want to regret not being there…

    Hope to worship HIM with you and Hillsong soon…

    Be still… and know HE`s GOD….

  35. guys when are you comming back here in the phil.? i’ve heard that you have plan to visit phil. this 24 of may..? coz am gonna watch..thanks and GOD BLESS..

  36. pls. visit here in davao city.,.,
    I wnt to worship jesus with you guys.,
    hope to see you soon.,

    …we love you….
    from Rapture ministry of davao
    city philippines….

  37. Heloww! i love talaga pag hillsong na ang pinag uusasapan! God bless you all! u are graet praise of God! “i Hope someday u visit or concert in Bacolod!we Love you! HBFC thnkx pg Post god Bless

  38. helow! pag hilsong na ang pinag uusapan talaga Praise God aq agad THx very much a concert here in phillipines, i Hope Visit again specially in bacolod! we loved your band more Power to praising God! may God Blees You to create again new songs! HFBC will always proud. thanks to posting my comments! God bless!

  39. Please have your concert in Philippines this year 2011 or next year! My life dramatically change when the Spirit of the Lord burns inside my heart, My family is a big fan of you guys.We will be praying for this concert to happen again.GOD BLESS

  40. Guys, do you have extra copies of their album By Your Side, and Touching Heaven Changing Earth VCD or CD? I’d love to buy it. Please txt me at 09261818939. Thanks and Blessing -Marc

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