Video – Welcome to Our World

Last year, I wrote about my new favorite song for the Christmas Season. I created a video for it that I want to share in here. I really love the song. I hope I was able to give justice to the song through this video. Enjoy!

Note: Sorry about ‘fragiled’, it was a typo. Lol!


Merry Christmas! God bless!



Hi Francis,

I think many people do not find freedom [from their struggles] because they are not serious about living a life of purity before the Lord. I know for myself I did not have total freedom until I went before the Lord and laid down a stake saying that I would do whatever it takes to rid my struggles from my life and remain accountable to other Christian brothers. I said that He would not hear from me again concerning this matter. You know what, at that point God filled me with His grace and delivered me.

I was so surprised!

Yes I was and I almost cried. Haha!

During my first year here in the blogosphere, I was dreaming of being included in the list of winners in the prominent Superblessed Christian Blog Awards. Imagine how shock I was when I saw my name in this year’s list of winners! Haha!

Most Enjoyable Male Filipino-Christian Blog.
Be Still. The sporadic blogger that is Francis may not be present to blog on a regular basis, but when he does, each entry is chockful of joy, love, and thanksgiving for God’s grace. I’ve seen his struggles, and I know his pain, but I also know he relies on a great and mighty God to get him through, and it’s in reading about how Jesus continues to bail him out every single time, that I am encouraged by this man’s faith.

Kuya Ganns is my biggest influence that’s why I have this blog. He never failed to superbless me ever since I met him. It is an honor to be included in such great company and it is heartwarming to realize that he and the people who visit my blog are enjoying their visits here.

Sporadic as I am now but having this title under my belt (lol!), I am so encouraged to blog some more and, hopefully, in the process, give glory to the One who deserves it all.

By the way, Kuya Ganns will be donating, in the name of the winners, relief goods and medicines for the victims of typhoon reming in the Bicol region. How about that?

Thank you so much, Kuya Ganns. God superbless you and your whole family! Blog on!

You can see the whole list of the winners here. Congratulations to all of the winners! 😀