I’ve been very silent, and I can explain the reason in two ways.

If I want to give you a short answer, I can just say, “Well, I’ve been very busy with a lot of things lately. So many things to say, so little time.”

But if I want to give you a longer answer, I think this is how it will go:

Lately, everything has gone crazy that I didn’t get much time to sit down, compose my thoughts, and blog about all of those things. My mind has been completely filled up with four major things: family-dispute-gone-wild (that resulted to a weeklong house hunting, and still running), job applications to other companies (that demands lots of  requirements and vacation leaves), workloads at my present job (that got more intense and uncomfortable), and my ministry (that, I suddenly realize, is much much much bigger than I thought it would be).

But I wouldn’t want to tell you that. It’s not proper to go ranting about things that frustrate me, right after a very long silence. Lol!

I just pray that things will be much clear and still in the days to come. I hope to be back soon..

3 thoughts on “Blahs

  1. Hi, Arthur. This sounds serious. Sorry to hear about the “family dispute gone wild” thing. I know the feeling. I hope and pray that our good Lord will comfort and guide you in this challenging time. His grace is sufficient for us, Amen?

  2. Liza: True! I will try to blog more and try to refresh my inner being in the process. =) Thanks so much!

    Jayred: Amen! Right now, there’s a lull in the situation but still unresolved. I’m taking it one day at a time, by God’s grace. I’m still praying for the best.

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