“Still alive and kicking, Sir!!”

That’s the answer we used to give whenever we were asked by our Cadet Officers during our Citizen’s Army Training (CAT) in high school. I’m giving the same answer now. Haha! Thanks to Kuya Ganns for giving me the wake-up call. Hehe.

A lot of things has happened and currently happening (haha!). I promise to tell you all about them when I have the time. We just moved in to a new house (maybe a couple of months now), I just transfered to a new job (and currently on training for about a month) and some things on the side. Haha!

I miss this place so much *looks around*. I also missed a lot on what’s happening with you guys. Hay.

I will be back soon. Maybe not as regular as before (until things settle down) but I will try to visit and post as much as I can.

For now, I have to run. Haha! God bless you guys! See you around! 😀