God’s people here on earth…

James and I were talking this morning and he mentioned about a new post on his blog. The weird thing about it is that those same ideas have been bugging me for a very long time. Instead of commenting on his post, I decided to blog about it and finally get this into writing, then link the post through a comment on his. lol!

I realized the same thing when I read Yancey’s book What’s So Amazing About Grace. I learned that we may not agree with somebody’s principles or way of life but we don’t have to condemn him either (This does not apply only to Christians but to everybody). Most of the time, Christians have become more active in pickets and movements against a principle than sharing God’s word and letting other people experience God’s love and grace.

But what struck me even harder was when my best friend told me that she is hesitant in coming with me to a Christian support group because she felt uneasy everytime we go there. That she can’t really grasp what we are talking about (God’s grace, God’s love, etc.) and the more that she gets uneasy and ends up more confused.

Then it struck me (Again! Hahaha!). Sometimes we (Christians, that includes me) have this unconscious way of ostracizing non-Christians by talking about the things they can’t relate with. We talk about “relationship with God”, “God’s people”, “God’s love”, “being in constant conversation with God” whenever we are around non-Christians, thus the “holier-than-thou” attitude.

When I heard her say that, I couldn’t utter a word. I didn’t know what to say. I know I am guilty and I can’t redeem myself and the Christians in general (or maybe just those who are guilty of this too. hehe.). It was a real shocker (hahaha!). It was an eye opener for me.

Sometimes, people get disappointed with God because God’s body (that’s us) disappoints them. They don’t see compassion from God’s eyes. They don’t think God’s ears hear them. They don’t hear encouragements from God’s mouth. They don’t receive help from God’s hands. They don’t feel God’s feet walking towards/with them. Is God on a coma?

I am so glad we had that conversation. I am humbled, or maybe embarrased. I am sorry I made her feel that way.

Come to think of it, Christians are no better than ordinary people in terms of intelligence, strength, or physical appearance (among other things). The only thing that makes us different is that we know that we are imperfect and that we need help and that only God can help us.