The Promise

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalms 147:3

 I read this verse during last Sunday’s worship and it never left me since. I spoke to the congregation during the service and I told them that we are all soldiers, members of God’s army.

And like soldiers who are constantly at war, we get – figuratively – wounded, scratched, handicapped, and at times defeated.

But then God is always there, ready to catch us when we fall, give us hope when we feel defeated, heal our emotional or spiritual wounds, wipe the tears from our eyes.

 He promised that he will never leave us. He never said that it is going to be easy, but He promised that He will be right there, beside us, no matter what happens. He will wrap His arms around us when things are difficult, worst, or just in between. He will tell us, “My child, everything will be alright.”

Then I thought, what if somebody tells me that he is not that wounded, that he’s not really so down or hurt or anything? What if everything around him is working well (or so he thinks)? It made me think, maybe he was not doing that much fighting. Maybe he preferred to be at the back lines where he will face relatively less risks, less assaults.

Life is not easy, I guess it will never be. The only we way we can get through it is when God is right behind us.

The promise that God gives us today is the same promise that He gave Joshua thousands of years ago, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Deut. 31 : 6)

Currently, I’m listening to Mercy Me’s song The Promise and I’m telling you if I had not been here in the office, I might have cried. Lol! I created this simple (very simple) video and I’m sharing this to you and I’m praying that you will be encouraged to “fight the good fight of faith”.

I also pray that this will encourage you to stay in the front rows, to look life in the face and be assrured that you (including me) have a God who loves you more than anything in this world and Who will fight with you until the end, until you achieve the victory.

Be blessed!


10 thoughts on “The Promise

  1. waaa….kakaiyak post mo…tamang tama sa nararamdaman ko… thanks for reminding me i am part of God’s army. And I will continue the fight… Hehehe 🙂

  2. And this s the reason why I don’t take your blog out of my blogroll even though it’s taking you a long time to update your posts – because when you do post, it’s always a blessing!

    thank you for the reminder of God’s promises. I truly was encouraged by your post and the video/song by Mercy Me.

    So…don’t take several months before you post again – LOL!

  3. Karen: Fight On! 😀

    Liza: Thank you for not removing me from your roll. I will try not to do that again. Haha! God bless! 😀

  4. It’s weird but I think I heard this song before… It’s during those times in worship when the presence of God is so thick you could barely breathe… And He speaks, or sings to us through us in a spontaneous song… Each one singing a seemingly different tune yet in converges into a beautiful melody of worship and praise unto the Lamb! Oh, such powerful times…

  5. “It’s during those times in worship when the presence of God is so thick you could barely breathe”

    Very strong description. Very well said.

  6. Medyo matagal nagdevotion ito si Arthur at ngayon lang ulit nag post hehe…

    Kidding aside, I am blessed by this bro! Good one. Indeed, it is one of the most comforting verse that you can read in the book of Psalms.

  7. “But then God is always there, ready to catch us when we fall, give us hope when we feel defeated, heal our EMOTIONAL or spiritual wounds, wipe the tears from our eyes.”
    Experience mo ba bro? =) Hehehe dont worry mag 25 ka na hehe..kidding aside..very nice ung reflection that we’re bound to be wounded and defeated but then it just means that we’re in the front lines.. =) Really hard and painful..but then victory has been ours before the fight even began.. =)

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