Bigger Writing

Last week, something nice happened. I was invited to submit articles to The War Cry, the Salvation Army newspaper here in the Philippines! Yey!

I’ve been meaning to submit an article before but I was not really sure how or when or what to submit. This idea came up when one churchmate and fellow blogger, Joy, suggested that I submit writings to the newspaper.

But now that it is officially here, that I have been invited and all, that I already know what to write about, that I already know when and where to submit them, it seems like I have lost all courage to submit. It feels like insecurities are starting to creep in.

I’ve never had any serious experience in writing. The only extensive writing I am engage to is blogging, that’s all.

I am stuck in thinking what to write and how I should write them. I need to come up with an article within the week for it to be included in the next issue. Aargh! I’m not even sure if I’m making sense in here. Lol!

Maybe I should start writing an article now, instead of whining. Please keep in your prayers.


6 thoughts on “Bigger Writing

  1. sus ayaw pa kasing magsulat! kelangan pang imbitahan talaga naman! vain vain vain! o ayan gandahan mo ha! ako unang manglalait sa iyo pag pangit yan, ahahaha! nakaka-encourage ba? ahahaha!

  2. dont think about it as writing. just rambling. haha.. its a trick that works for me..

    but then, it’s just me. hahaha.. i know, i know.. i talk alot.. hahaha..

  3. Joy: Pag nilait mo yun, magcocomment naman ako sa bangs mo. Haha! Ikaw ang may pakana talaga nito! Hahaha!

    James: Yes, you do talk a lot. I can;t argue with that. Lol!

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