“is unearned love – the love that goes before, that greets us on the way. It’s the help you receive when you have no bright ideas left, when you are empty and desperate and have discovered that your best thinking and most charming charm have failed you. Grace is the light or electricity or juice or breeze that takes you from the isolated place and puts you with others who are as startled and embarrassed and eventually grateful as you are to be there.”

– from Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott


4 thoughts on “Grace…

  1. Ariane: Oy, thanks! Hehe.

    Jayred: Hi Jayred! Thanks for dropping by. I’m okay. It’s just that I feel like work has zapped out all the pensive blood that runs inside me. Lol! I’m online all the time but I can’t get the time to sit downa and write. But I promise to have something up soon. God bless!

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