“Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. “ – Exodus 14:13


            For the past few days now, God is teaching me something. He really makes sure that I get it. From the book that I’m reading, to the sermon that I hear during service, to a friend’s prayer during praise and worship practice. God is clearly telling me something and He wants me to listen.


            During the trying time in my life, I prayed to God for help. That time when I needed Him to deliver me from the situation I was in, God led me to this verse in Exodus. It was the exact promise that I really needed. Evidently, God was true to His promise and He made a way to get me out of that situation.

            Consequently, after the solemn prayers and desperation for help, after God has done His part and answered my prayer, I started doing things on my own. Slowly I started to put things on my own hands thinking that I can make things work. I started to believe in myself and almost forgotten that it was God who has done all those things in the first place. I tried everything to make things work, in the ministry, at work, at church, thinking that I can do it. Slowly, I pushed God out of the picture. He was not a part of everything that I do.

            Then life throws me again to a super-typhoon-like situation. A situation where things are not working out the way I expected them to be and they become unmanageable, beyond my capacity and capability. The funny thing about it is we begin to realize how far I have drifted away from God. That’s the time I turn back to Him, groveling, asking for deliverance and admitting that it is beyond me and I can’t do it anymore. Finally, I admit that without Him I can do nothing.

            Then He reminded of the promise that I have forgotten.  I really thought that I am done with this verse as my life verse. I’ve been asking for a new life verse, a new verse that God will use to minister to me. I thought I should be learning something new from God. I thought that holding on to the same promise for a long time only meant that I haven’t surpassed that situation in my life. The truth was God did give me victory over the situation. However, it was the thing that He was teaching me that I missed, big time.  I should have learned something from that situation, otherwise I will continue to commit the same mistake and the story that I have stated above will happen repeatedly.

            From a conversation that happened a long time ago, I remember consulting my friend Andrew how sometimes I don’t seem to hear any word from God.  He told me that maybe there’s something that He is telling me to do that I am not doing. He is not giving me any word because I still have an unfinished business to settle or a task to do. That is exactly the case now.  I still have a lesson to learn and He does not want me to go anywhere until I get it, really get it.

From now on, I will throw away any thinking brought by self-righteousness saying that I can make things happen, I can work things out. Only God can make things happen, and He can make it happen in my life. I should learn to anchor my boat to God and not to myself. I will borrow Lucado’s words and modify it a little. There is only one name under heaven that has the power over everything, and that name is not mine.


I’m also learning that if God teaches me something, He makes sure that I hear Him loud and clear, and he makes sure that the learning process continues until I finally get it and do it. God is truly good.