Quoting Bono

“You see things going on out there and you think, ‘Well, what the hell can I do about it?’ For a lot of people there’s not much a lot you can do about it and all I believe is that everyone in their own way has a position they have to take and if that’s as a mother with snotty nosed kids or a guy in a factory just doing the best he can or being a schoolteacher or a farmer, you just find your ground, your place and you just do the best you can to shine a light on the s**t that’s out there… I’m in a band and I just hope that when it’s all over for U2 that in some way we’ve made the light a bit brighter. Maybe just tore off a corner of the darkness.”


15 thoughts on “Quoting Bono

  1. ok Arthur, I am getting tired of seeing “quitting bono” everytime I visit – TIME FOR A NEW POST my friend!

    PASSION is coming to Manila in August – DON’T MISS IT!!! I want to see blog posts about it – Pleeeeeaaaase! šŸ™‚

  2. Liza!!! Sorry talaga. I will be posting a new one soon. Hindi ko lang talaga maisingit. Hay.

    Yeah, I heard about Passion’s coming here in Manila. I wanna hear Tomlin and Giglio. pero sabi kasi sa site e they are targeting college students or youth aging 16-22. Pero I’ll see what I can do. Hahaha!

    Thanks Liza. Be blessed always!

  3. Hi, Arthur. Wala ka na bang ibang puedeng ma-quote? Hahaha!

    Hope all is well with you. God bless.

    BTW, I just changed the URL of my personal blog. Thanks.

  4. After 48 years of silence and 8 comments for me to post… I am finally back. Hahaha! Thanks a lot guys. See you around. šŸ˜€

    Jayred: I especially like the Madonna comment. Hahaha! Panalo!

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