On Health

I’ve been overweight ever since I left college (I can’t believe it’s almost a decade ago) and I’ve been very busy (read: lazy) to do something about losing weight. But when I reached 30 years a couple of months ago, that’s when it dawned on me that I am not getting any younger. Soon I will feel my age and I won’t be able to do a lot of the things that I can do now. When that time comes, the dream of becoming the best person that I can be will be just that, a dream.

Like a lot of young guys, I dreamed of having a lean, sexy, muscled body. Lol! But when you’re young, you think you have all the time in the world to do them later on and pursue other things, until we realize that it’s already too late. In my case, it’s not that late, but I think it will be if I don’t start soon.

I am always reminded about my health, on a daily basis. I would always feel pain on my lower back after our Saturday volleyball games. I always find it hard to bend over and pick up something. What to wear for the day is always a challenge because nothing fits me anymore, and I don’t want to look that big with what I am wearing. My brother wouldn’t call me “tabatchoy” for no reason. Lol!

Last January, during my annual physical exam, the doctor specifically mentioned her concern about my weight. I stand 5’10 and I weigh 86 kgs. I usually shrug this concern off because I don’t believe I look that bad when fat because it is compensated by my height. But when I she said that the ideal weight for my height is 74 kgs, that’s when it hit me.

I am 30 years old, balding, and overweight by 12 kilos. That’s not good at all!

That’s when I started reading about dieting and working out. One of my concerns is I didn’t want to start by building muscles without working on my diet because the muscle would just add up to my body weight without changes on my body fat and cholesterol levels. I started researching about dieting and I came across intermittent fasting from Kevin’s blog. In there, he reviewed the e-book “Eat-Stop-Eat” by Brad Pilon. In there he discussed the positive effects of intermittent fasting on the physical, hormonal, and energy levels of a person, among other things. I was so convinced by it that I started following this diet right after I finished the e-book.

I started dieting last February and would fast for 24 hours, two times a week. I will eat nothing and will only drink water or coffee. Unfortunately, I didn’t record my progress through pictures or journals. I didn’t even monitor my weight. I was afraid that if I didn’t see that much progress at the beginning I might lose interest and stop. I get a feel of my progress with how I feel about myself. I know that they are not the best way of tracking my progress, but I started feeling a little lighter when playing volleyball. I wouldn’t feel the usual pain on my lower back after every game. the best part of all, my shirts and pants started to fit on me again. I am able to wear the shirts that I was not able to wear for the longest time. Even a 36-inch pants feels lose already.

After 5 months, I already weigh 76 kgs (168 lbs). I am still doing intermittent fasting for 24 hours twice a week until I reach my target of 160 lbs (72 kgs). But right now I feel like I hit a plateau and I’m stuck at 168 lbs for a couple of weeks now. I am planning to hit the gym one of these days if nothing changes for another couple of weeks. I will probably document it again through this blog. Or maybe not. Hehe.

Still the battle continues. Forward to the better, still balding, but better, me!


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