Extraordinary Service

During rainy season, traveling to and from the office is always a tedious thing to do. You have to bring jackets and umbrellas, you have to strategize your routes to escape the flood on the way, you have to get out of the house as early as possible or while the rain has not poured yet. This is a daily challenge in which, most of the time, I lose. Lol!

Today, I was on the last part of my journey, a Philippine Tricycletricycle ride, going to our company’s plant in Pasig when the rain started to fall. I was seating at the back of the driver and there was another passenger beside me. Again, I was fighting a losing battle. My shoes and pants started to get wet by the raindrops (because the back side of the tricycles are usually open). The driver stopped for a while to put a cover in front of the tricycle to server as shield as we make our way through the rain. It didn’t give so much help on me since I was seated farther behind the driver. He asked me if I’m going to be okay. I said it’s fine (I can’t make anything better out of this situation anywway so might as well accept that my pants will get soaked.)

We haven’t moved much farther when the rain poured heavier. The driver couldn’t stand it anymore so he stopped again and gave us another plastic to cover ourselves from the rain. He was so concerned because he knew that I’m going to the office and I shouldn’t get wet. I was so amazed by the extraordinary service this driver did. He knew he isn’t getting any insentive for doing that but he did it anyway. He could have left things as they are and continued driving along the hi-way but he still got out of his way and chose to be of help.

It wasn’t stylish holding a plastic cover while riding at the back of a tricycle but it’s far more better than being soaked in the rain.

Thinking about it, that man showed me a good example of being radically generous (thanks to James for a sermon on this. Lol!). I mean what he did wasn’t that crazy (like the stories James told me) but it was extraordinary. He wasn’t giving any material thing but he was giving an extra service from what he usually gives his passengers (which is to take them from one place to another ). It’s so good to know that there are still some who choose to serve other people even when most of the people in this time do not do that anymore.

I should have asked for his name or at least took a picture of him and his tricycle (but it was raining) so that I could at least commend him here. I just pray that he’ll continue to be extra generous to his passengers and that God will bountifuly bless him and his family.