Latest Finds

So this blog site has been dormant for almost a year now. Haha! I should work on writing more and more. Sometimes I am just too lazy to write something or I just feel like I have nothing interesting to write about. So now, I am writing about some things that really caught my attention. There is no category as to what these things are. They are just the things, mostly songs, that I like very much lately. Here we go…


1. Cherry Trees by The Weepies – I love The Weepies!! I still cannot get over their “Living in Twilight” and “Riga Girls”, from the album “Say I Am You, even if I have listened to them a hundred times!! But lately I haven’t heard anything new from them. Doesn’t have to be a latest release (they already released their latest album “Sirens” and it’s good too!) but something else than those two songs. Then I stumbled upon their 2004 concert in Ohio and heard them sing “Cherry Trees”. Deb Talan claimed that she borrowed Pablo Neruda’s words form one of his poems and wrote a song about that. The words were “I want to do with you what Spring does with the cherry trees.” Now how can you go wrong with that? I love Pablo Neruda and a Weepies song from Neruda is just perfect!! You can listen to the whole concert at here. I also posted a video below courtesy of Youtube. Sorry I can’t find anything else in the internet so just close your eyes and listen to the song if you are not into all those dancing (which is not bad actually).


2. The Greatest Bastard by Damien Rice – Another artist that I love is Damien Rice. Damien Rice is one of the artists who I prefer to sing live than the album versions. There’s just pure emotion when he sings and you can feel that he means every word. The Greatest Bastard is one track from his latest album “My Favourite Faded Fantasy” which was released last October 2014. As always, this song is well written and packed with emotions and it will even break your heart watching him sing it. “So please don’t let on that you don’t love me. Cause I know you do, I know…”. Below is the video from Youtube. Look at him at 3:55 and you will see what I mean.


3. The Lord is My Light by Joel Case – This one I have heard quite a few months ago and only now did I realize how beautiful it is. It is a simple and raw declaration of who God is in your life. The simple lyrics and the moving melody makes you just want to raise your hands in worship and just declare every word. “Oh glorious freedom of the children of God. I am one of them.” That’s just something. Lately, I want to move away from heavy electric guitar-y (if there’s such a term) songs and just get lost in these acoustic, free worship, songs. “Songs of deliverance. Songs of freedom coming down, freedom raining down.” And then he just bursts into that shout as if wallowing, embracing that freedom. Very powerful! Below is the Youtube video by Cageless Birds.


4. Shure SE215 – I know, I know. What is this doing in this post? Haha! Well this post is about the things that I love and Shure SE215 is what helped me appreciate these songs even more. One of the best IEMs out there at a very affordable price. I was able to buy mine at P2,500.00 from a re-seller in Hehe. But I am loving every moment that I am wearing it. It has noise cancellation feature that lessens the outside noise and makes you hear the sound clearly. The best thing about it that I really love is how it fits in your ear. It is very comfortable that you can sleep while still wearing them earphones in your ear. The base is good for my liking and the clarity of the sound is perfect for the type of music that I listen to. I love it so much!


There you go! I will try to post some more about these things if it is what it will take for me to write more. Next time maybe I will post about movies, tv shows, or maybe something else. We’ll see…


My Favorite Worship Songs

As my effort to participate in Kuya GannsCitipointe Contest, I am listing down three of my most favorite worship songs. This is really hard because I only need to name three songs and I really have a lot of songs that I really want to go on that list. That’s why I have some runner-ups. Hehe. (Kuya Ganns, please don’t disqualify me for this. Haha!)

I have never joined any contest like this before but I want to win the “Commissioned” album by Citipointe and want to share to you my list. Here they are:

  • How Great Is Our God by Chris Tomlin – The bridge of this song has always been an anthem for me that I want to sing at the top of my lungs. “You’re the name above all names. You are worthy of all praise. My heart will sing, ‘How geat is our God'”
  • Breathe by Ross Parsley – I love this song because it articulates how desperate we are of God. Not to mention the moving rendition by Ross Parsley.
  • Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble by Hillsong Australia – I am always reminded of this song everytime I go to worship concerts. To see how all worshippers jump like ocean waves and shout the name of Jesus. I believe that’s how it will look like, that’s how the world will tremble, when Christ comes back.


  • Came to the Rescue by Hillsong Australia
  • Let the River Flow by Michael W. Smith
  • Here in Your Presence by Ross Parsley
  • There is None Like You by Lenny LeBlanc
  • Unto You and Worthy to be Praised by Planetshakers

Must haves…

Last night, while waiting for the screening time of The Oxford Murders (As part of the Spanish Film Festival), I looked around MusicOne and Powerbooks for the CDs and Books that I can buy. I didn’t actually buy them, I just listed them down for the mean time until I have the “power” to buy them. Hehe. Do you think they are great buys or no?

1. Classical Heartbreakers (CD) – For the longest time now, I am meaning to buy a CD of classical music. Instrumental music are much better to listen to especially when I am working. Classical Heartbreakers is a two-disk compilation of soundtracks from movies like “Truly, Madly, Deeply”, “Somewhere In Time”, “The Hours”, “The Pianist”, “The GodFather”. “The Pianist”, “The English Patient”, and many more. Most, if not all, of these movies I haven’t really seen but I don’t think I will be disappointed. I forgot though how much it costs. Haha!

2. Into the Wild (DVD/Book) – The book is written by Jon Krakauer and the movie was directed by Sean Penn. I’m not really sure what made me curious about this movie (maybe something I read) but I am really looking forward to buy the DVD. BUt I also want to buy the book. Decisions, decisions. The book costs P835 while the DVD costs P375 (I think).

3. Angela’s Ashes, ‘Tis and Teacher Man (novels by Frank McCourt) – I always see Angela’s Ashes and ‘Tis in bookstores, even booksales and maybe that picked my curiosity to read them. A part of me is hesitant to buy it because I still have a lot of books in pile and adding three more might be exaggerating. Plus, I’m sure my mom will be psyched if she sees me bringing more and more books into the house. Haha! Decisions, desicions.

Hillsong United – Live in Manila

Hillsong United

Yes, I was at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium last night, side by side with my family, together with hundreds of people who were shouting, dancing, jumping, singing, clapping and jamming crazily in praising God and lifting the name of Jesus Christ.

It was the craziest thing I have ever done. Good crazy. Haha!

I arrived there late and it was so hard being squeezed, while walking in the middle of jumping young people, to get to our seat halfway around the stadium from the General Admissions entrance. But I forgot everything about it, how far we walked around the stadium, how I got to sqeeze among people to be able to pass through, when they sang “Till I See You”. Walking has never been so enjoyable and fulfilling. I was at the right place.

We sang, I mean shouted, praised and jumped to Hillsong United’s famous songs such as “Take It All”, “King of Majesty”, “From The Inside Out”,”Salvation Is Here” among others, that left us praying in awe and shouting praises. Chrishan Jeyaratnam, a youth pastor of Hillsong Church, spoke about doing what God has told us to do. No matter where we areor what we do, if God tells us something, we should do it.

All along I didn’t see what their main purpose is, why Hillsong United has been diligently creating these songs, wholeheartedly singing for the current generation around the world and some of their songs you can put as quite “crazy”. Haha! But as I stood there last night, singing and praising, just like everybody else, it just struck me what they are really trying to tell these people. Intimate relationship with God. I didn’t realize it before but it was the same thing I was struggling with, the very thing I need.

Going home at 1:00 in the morning, I wished I was able to take pictures or anything that will make me remember how wonderful this concert was. But, thinking about it, that night wasn’t about Hillsong United, it was not about Joel Houston or the other members of the band and their great God-given talents. That night was about God, and how He blazed the fire in every heart that was there. How he blessed every person, refreshed their spirits, and gave them hope that no matter what happens in the future, God is with us and whatever struggle we face when we get out of that place, Christ has been victorious over it and we can claim the same victory through Him.

I don’t need something to remember that night. I just pray that the fire in my heart will keep on burning as I do what it is He tells me to do. This time, not just listen and understand it, but actually DO IT.

Video courtesy of  roquejo. My apologies.

Hillsong – Found

Amazing love
Now what else shall I need
Your name brings life
It’s more than the air I breathe

My world was changed
When Your love You gave for me
My purpose found
And all that You want for me

And I found myself in You
And I found myself in You

Amazing love
Now what else shall I need
Your name brings life
It’s more than the air I breathe

And I found myself in You
And I found myself in You

Take me to a place
Where I can see You face to face
And all I want to do
All I want to do
Is worship You