Latest Finds

So this blog site has been dormant for almost a year now. Haha! I should work on writing more and more. Sometimes I am just too lazy to write something or I just feel like I have nothing interesting to write about. So now, I am writing about some things that really caught my attention. There is no category as to what these things are. They are just the things, mostly songs, that I like very much lately. Here we go…


1. Cherry Trees by The Weepies – I love The Weepies!! I still cannot get over their “Living in Twilight” and “Riga Girls”, from the album “Say I Am You, even if I have listened to them a hundred times!! But lately I haven’t heard anything new from them. Doesn’t have to be a latest release (they already released their latest album “Sirens” and it’s good too!) but something else than those two songs. Then I stumbled upon their 2004 concert in Ohio and heard them sing “Cherry Trees”. Deb Talan claimed that she borrowed Pablo Neruda’s words form one of his poems and wrote a song about that. The words were “I want to do with you what Spring does with the cherry trees.” Now how can you go wrong with that? I love Pablo Neruda and a Weepies song from Neruda is just perfect!! You can listen to the whole concert at here. I also posted a video below courtesy of Youtube. Sorry I can’t find anything else in the internet so just close your eyes and listen to the song if you are not into all those dancing (which is not bad actually).


2. The Greatest Bastard by Damien Rice – Another artist that I love is Damien Rice. Damien Rice is one of the artists who I prefer to sing live than the album versions. There’s just pure emotion when he sings and you can feel that he means every word. The Greatest Bastard is one track from his latest album “My Favourite Faded Fantasy” which was released last October 2014. As always, this song is well written and packed with emotions and it will even break your heart watching him sing it. “So please don’t let on that you don’t love me. Cause I know you do, I know…”. Below is the video from Youtube. Look at him at 3:55 and you will see what I mean.


3. The Lord is My Light by Joel Case – This one I have heard quite a few months ago and only now did I realize how beautiful it is. It is a simple and raw declaration of who God is in your life. The simple lyrics and the moving melody makes you just want to raise your hands in worship and just declare every word. “Oh glorious freedom of the children of God. I am one of them.” That’s just something. Lately, I want to move away from heavy electric guitar-y (if there’s such a term) songs and just get lost in these acoustic, free worship, songs. “Songs of deliverance. Songs of freedom coming down, freedom raining down.” And then he just bursts into that shout as if wallowing, embracing that freedom. Very powerful! Below is the Youtube video by Cageless Birds.


4. Shure SE215 – I know, I know. What is this doing in this post? Haha! Well this post is about the things that I love and Shure SE215 is what helped me appreciate these songs even more. One of the best IEMs out there at a very affordable price. I was able to buy mine at P2,500.00 from a re-seller in Hehe. But I am loving every moment that I am wearing it. It has noise cancellation feature that lessens the outside noise and makes you hear the sound clearly. The best thing about it that I really love is how it fits in your ear. It is very comfortable that you can sleep while still wearing them earphones in your ear. The base is good for my liking and the clarity of the sound is perfect for the type of music that I listen to. I love it so much!


There you go! I will try to post some more about these things if it is what it will take for me to write more. Next time maybe I will post about movies, tv shows, or maybe something else. We’ll see…


New Year

I didn’t intend to create a New Year post. All I know is that a post in this blog is so overdue and I’m in the mood to do one right now. At least it made a lot more sense when I was thinking about it earlier. I can’t seem to find the words now that I am actually doing this blog post.

2014 has been a safe year for me. If I will look back, all I would see are my out of town/country trips, and then those “routine” that I usually do on a weekly basis. Work (of course), volleyball, movies (which is surprisingly low this year), church, family gatherings, etc. There are a few highlights here and there but I can’t pinpoint a moment that can be the highlight of the year. Lazy waltz, that’s how I would describe my 2014.

In 2015, I will try to stir things up a bit. I will try to bolder and active this year. There are so many plans that I have been postponing in terms of my career, personal growth, spiritual concerns, opportunities, love (?), travel, and a lot of other things. I will try to accomplish them, or most of them, this year. After all, I am not getting any younger.

One of my high school teachers gave me a gift during our graduation. It was a brown leather wallet that I really liked. I am not sure why he gave me that but I think it was his way of telling me that I have graduated from high school and that I am a grown up already, that things will be getting serious and I need to face them like a grown up. Of course the wallet has already worn out but I will never forget the note in the letter that came with that gift. I can’t really remember the exact words but it goes something like, do not let the current dictate where you are going, you’ll enjoy it more if you paddle.

That’s exactly what I intend to do this year.

Initiating a Bucket List

I’ve been thinking of creating a bucket list for a couple of weeks now. I know it’s quite late to start it at 28 (rhyme!) but it’s never too late to start doing what you have to  do (I think I heard that from Oprah). So, I’m trying to create a list for myself to accomplish before I die.

One thing, though, that I realized during this [thinking] exercise is that it’s hard to create a bucket list if you don’t know what you want and what you want to achieve. I can write one goal after another but are they what I really want to get out of this life? They might just be something that I heard from a friend or something that I read somewhere and I found them cool and interesting that I want to make it a goal too. For once I want to create something that I can really say as mine. Something that I will do for myself and from my self.

This is going to be really difficult. This is just the first step, listing them down. Most of the hard work will happen in accomplishing them one at a time. All I know is that in the end, it’s all worth it.

Hands On Manila – Servathon 2008

In coordination with Hands on Manila, Accenture Caring for Tomorrow participated in Servathon 2008 last October 11. We went to White Cross Children’s Home to paint the playroom and do some gardening. This was my first time to participate in this company initiative and I really enjoyed it. At first I wasn’t sure how to do it but in the long run, I got the hang of it and just enjoyed what I’m doing. I will definitely do it again next year. 😀

Click on the image for bigger picture.

Bigger Writing

Last week, something nice happened. I was invited to submit articles to The War Cry, the Salvation Army newspaper here in the Philippines! Yey!

I’ve been meaning to submit an article before but I was not really sure how or when or what to submit. This idea came up when one churchmate and fellow blogger, Joy, suggested that I submit writings to the newspaper.

But now that it is officially here, that I have been invited and all, that I already know what to write about, that I already know when and where to submit them, it seems like I have lost all courage to submit. It feels like insecurities are starting to creep in.

I’ve never had any serious experience in writing. The only extensive writing I am engage to is blogging, that’s all.

I am stuck in thinking what to write and how I should write them. I need to come up with an article within the week for it to be included in the next issue. Aargh! I’m not even sure if I’m making sense in here. Lol!

Maybe I should start writing an article now, instead of whining. Please keep in your prayers.

Older and Thankful…

To tell you the truth, one of the reasons why it took me this long to post something in here, besides being busy and.. uhm.. being busy (haha!), is that I already forgot where I left and continue my storytelling. Hehe. So I decided to start over at this timely moment, where everything, supposedly, starts anew for me… A new year, a new beginning.

During the last hour before my birthday ended, I sent out a text message to almost everybody in my phonebook. This is what I, more or less, told them.

“Today, I realized that I have a lot of things to be thankful for. I’m not thankful for the long years that I have lived, those 24 long years. What I’m thankful for is that in those years, I met a lot of people who have been instrumental to a lot of realizations, learning, joy, pain, growth and maturity both spiritually and emotionally…”

The truth is there is so much to be thankful for. God has blessed me and my family with so much that I don’t know where to start. Sometimes it just leaves me speechless. I’m not saying that everything is well and good, problems are always present and sadness and pain has their ways in getting in, but God is faithfull. He has rescued us from all of them and I know He will do the same for the years to come.

A friend greeted me by saying I am a year older to God. Haha! But my prayer is that as I get closer to God in terms of years, my relationship with Him will be intimately closer as well…

I’m in Cebu!!!

…but I’m not having the “time of my life” experience. Lol! I flew in yesterday afternoon and, since then, all I’ve been doing was work, work and work. But people at work were nice, even if they didn’t talk that much. I’m not sure if I’ll have the chance to go somewhere or buy pasalubong after I’ve finished everything. Oh well.

I’m currently on the road on my way to Cebu City. I just came from the town of Balamban, which is located on the other side of Cebu Island. We (me and the driver) are traversing this long and winding road over the mountains with the speed of 80 km/h, almost the speed limit in South Super Highway (one of Manila’s major highways). Lol! This is quite dangerous because one single mistake can send us flying down the deep, green (because of the trees below) chasm just beside us. Lol! I should be scared, but I’m not. I’m getting nauseous. Should I tell the driver to take it easy or should I stop typing? Nah!

This is a spur of the moment post and I don’t have any plan of letting go of this laptop. I don’t care if I get incoherent or anything, I’ll just type and type and type.


Unfortunately, this is the second part of the post. I fell asleep during the travel and when I woke up, we were already there at the place. Lol! Right now, I’m in the airport, waiting to board in the plane. I’m so excited to go home, primarily because I am going home. Hehe. Second, because I’m looking forward to that moment when the plane takes off the runway. Ahh…

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go back here in Cebu. Some things might change at work and a promise of going back here is quite impossible. Oh well, at least I got blessed with this one chance.

P.S. While traversing the long and winding road, i got to see lots of beautiful views of the mountains. I tried to take some pictures but I got frustrated because the driver was driving too fast and I couldn’t hold still, and I dont have any nice camera with me except my phone cam which is quite low res. This is the best and only picture I managed to take. Lol!